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The BBQ Service Call / Diagnostic Inspection includes a technician coming to your home/location and performing an overall evaluation of the BBQ Grill and/or other related equipment in your Barbecue Island area. This service is intended to provide you with diagnostic information regarding the performance of your grill and any recommended cleaning or repairs to get the grill back into top operating condition. The vital elements of the barbecue grill including burners, valves, regulator, gas connections, igniters and other components are inspected and tested. Side Cookers and other BBQ Island components are evaluated as well. The service call/ diagnostic inspection takes approximately a half-hour. A written estimate of what service and/or repairs are needed to the BBQ Grill is provided. Minor adjustments (such as igniter adjustment or replacement) may be performed during the barbecue inspection service call if needed. The cost of BBQ parts are not included in the price of the Barbecue Service call price. The BBQ Service Call does not include cleaning or repairs to the grill, it is intended to provide the customer with an overall evaluation of the BBQ Grill's performance and if any BBQ Repairs are necessary.

*PREMIUM “DEEP” BBQ CLEANING:                   $199.99*

($50 Discount for Neighbor Referral)

The Premium Service includes a “deep” barbecue cleaning including removal of major grease deposits and various internal parts located deep inside the BBQ grill are removed, scrubbed and washed in an effort to remove much of the built-up grease and grime that impedes the performance of the BBQ burners, valves and vital components of the barbecue grill. The barbecue igniters are checked and adjusted. The interior of the BBQ grill is thoroughly cleaned including burners, cooking grates, heat shields. The grease drip pan is removed and washed. The BBQ valves are cleaned and lubricated and the exterior of the BBQ grill is cleaned and polished. The Premium Barbecue Cleaning service generally takes about 2-3 hours. Parts replacement and repairs may be provided with this service.​

*ULTRA "DEEP" BBQ CLEANING:                   $249.99*

The ULTRA Renovator-Clean is an intense “deep” cleaning performed in conjunction with a complete rebuild/restoration of the grill. Generally, when many of the major parts of the grill are removed and replaced with new parts, there is an opportunity to clean areas of the grill that otherwise cannot be cleaned. The Reno-Clean is performed when a BBQ grill is disassembled for a complete re-build restoration project. The major parts of the grill including burners, heat-shields, igniters, cooking grates, valves and other components of the grill are replaced with new barbecue grill parts specific to your BBQ grill model. The Ultra Service includes a complete BBQ restoration and the barbecue is refurbished back to near new condition. An ULTRA Reno-Clean project may take 3-5 hours and results in a re-built grill that has been thoroughly cleaned and tested for optimal performance.

* FIRE-PIT CLEAN /NEW FIRE-RING:                   $299.99*

Do you have a Fire-Pit that isn't flaming the way it used to? Your Fire-Pit may need to be cleaned out and a new Fire-Ring Installed. We remove the Lava Rocks in the fire-pit, remove any garbage/accumulated debris from the inside of the Fire-Pit, inspect the interior cement for cracks, check the fire-pit gas valve and gas piping/connections and for potential gas leaks. Loose gas valve or piping connections are tightened and we provide you with a new fire-ring - INCLUDED IN OUR FIRE-PIT SERVICE!

  • A new Fire-Ring is INSTALLED and included in price (up to 24" standard black pipe).

  • Additional piping, valves and other repairs may be done as needed to achieve the best fit and finish.

  • New sand, lava rock or fire-glass may be installed as well upon customer request. Installation of new lava rock/fire-glass and other repairs needed are additional to the cost of the clean-out price.



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Extra Large
Extremely Dirty Grills:
Grills above 30" or grills that are exceptionally dirty may require $50 additional charge. Installation of new replacement parts to repair the grill are an additional cost to any cleaning service.

We provide a new 1/2" black pipe fire-ring up to 24" in diameter. Larger sizes require an additional charge.

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