An overall check of the grill & other components, as well as minor adjustments & Leak Test. Any problematic areas are pointed out on a Diagnostic Check-up List on our Estimate form.

Removal of all the various vital components of the grill and thoroughly cleaned, checked and rebuilt back into top operating condition. Usually takes approximately 2-3 hours.

We will attempt to clean the grill as best as possible within a reasonable time frame and use various tools and equipment to clean & sanitize the grill. Although we try as best as possible there may be residual burns, scratches. Any rigorous use of abrasives is not recommended, nor would we recommend the use of such techniques in an attempt to remove such burns, or scratches as it may cause damage to the Stainless Steel.

Generally, a Deep Cleaning takes about 2-4 hours depending on size, dirtiness and if there is any type of repairs being performed.

Depending on how often the grill is used, type of food, heat, sauces etc. Depending on the customer’s needs and desire, multiple cleaning appointments may be made upon discussion with our scheduler.

Burners, Cooking Grates, Igniters

Yes – we provide replacement parts for virtually all grills in the market. Most common grill parts we commonly carry in our inventory include parts for LYNX Grills, Viking Outdoor, DCS Grills, Fire-Magic, Summerset, Bull, PGS, Barbecues Galore Turbo, Grand Turbo, and more.

Yes - We check the BBQ Grill, Side Burner, and all gas connections upon the Diagnostic Inspection, Cleaning or Repair of your grill.

Water is used in the cleaning of your grill and does not damage the grill in any way. We try our best to keep any and all work areas as clean and free of any residual grease. We immediately dry the drill with micro fiber towels, but the grill may take 24-48 hours to fully dry. Automatic Igniters may be wet and not spark during this short period of time.

All cleaning materials and solutions used are environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to the surrounding plants, grass etc.

Depending on the manufacturer, we may handle the full warranty process on your behalf. We are preferred Warranty Service Providers for LYNX Grills, Fire-Magic, PGS Grills, Summerset Grills, Bull, and others.

There is a two hour arrival “window” of time for arrival. We try our best to communicate our technician’s arrival time by phone call, texting and GPS tracking.

It all depends on the repairs needed, but generally can be completed within the 2-4 hour cleaning & repair timeframe.

We can install the parts for you with an additional charge for the parts installation. Be advised we cannot guarantee the parts will fit or correctness of the replacement parts purchased by a customer for their grill.

Yes- we have the skills and relationships with partners to construct any type of backyard BBQ project. We also offer construction/Landscape projects with our affiliate partner Licensed companies.

Yes - We are Authorized Manufacturer Dealers for many BBQ Companies including LYNX, Fire-Magic, DCS Grills, Summerset Grills, Bull BBQ Grills, PGS (Performance Grilling Systems) as well as many others.

Yes – We could repair just about any type of igniter system including the most updated electronic Igniter Systems, and Flame -Thrower Valves.

There may be an additional $50.00 charge for large or extra-dirty BBQ Grills.

We can clean & repair virtually all components of your BBQ Island – including Side Burners. Certain other components such as Ice Makers or Refrigerators may need full replacement.

Yes – we can replace all types of valves on any BBQ.

Yes – We are Authorized Manufacturer Dealers for LYNX Grills, DCS Grills, Fire-Magic, AOG Grills, Summerset Grills, Bull BBQ Grills, PGS and others.

Yes - there are a wide variety of pre-fabricated BBQ Islands for all types of applications (L- Shaped, Straight, or any exotic Style you may desire).

We are Licensed Contractors and all our technician have been fully trained and Authorized Technicians for most major manufacturers, and can offer a variety of services We primarily focus on BBQ Grills, BBQ Islands, Fire-Pits, Fire-Tables, Outdoor Heating and Chimney Services including Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Re-lining & Repair.


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